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Here is what is included in the Drumming System.

The complete Drumming System includes everything covered in the video above. You get 20 instructional DVDs with over 30 hours of detailed video training, 21 CDs with over 100 play-alongs, 5 spiral-bound workbooks packed with lesson material, plus online access to everything included in the Drumming System!

All together, this comprehensive training package includes everything you need to progress from complete beginner to seasoned professional. Some of the lessons include: hand technique, drum beats, drum fills, speed and endurance, practice routines, drum rudiments, drum tuning and setup, bass drum technique, soloing, and jamming with a variety of play-along songs!

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How To Play Drums DVDHow To Play Drums By Ear - DVD 01

Do you want to learn how to play the drums entirely by ear? This DVD covers all the essentials to get you playing for the very first time. Absolutely no sheet music reading ability is required. Everything is taught by ear.

The topics in this DVD include: getting started, drum kit setup, drum set posture, drumstick grip, basic pedal technique, basic drum beats, drum beat variations, first drum fills, using a metronome, and playing with a song.

How To Practice Efficiently DVDHow To Practice Efficiently - DVD 02

Practicing is an essential part of learning to play the drums. However, learning to practice efficiently is what can make the biggest difference in your overall progress. This DVD focuses on providing you with the information you need to create a balanced practice routine.

It works hand-in-hand with the Practice Routine Generator (included in the workbooks) and covers topics like: why we practice, practicing tips and tricks, structuring practices, the casual schedule, the motivated schedule, the dedicated schedule, and motivation for practice.

Drum Theory and Notation DVDDrum Theory & Notation - DVD 03

Many drummers are intimidated by the concept of learning to read and write drum notation. This is due to the fact that drum theory is often seen as being very complicated and challenging.

In this DVD, Mike makes learning theory and notation easy by breaking things down into simple steps. You'll learn how to read and write basic drum beats, and then move on to more complicated patterns. It's all designed in a progressive way to make things fun. You are sure to have "ahh, I get it" moments where you begin to understand music on a whole new level!

Hand Technique DVDHand Technique - DVD 04

Do you want to learn exactly how to hold the drumsticks for maximum speed, power, control, and endurance? In this DVD, Mike will show you exactly how to get the most out of every single stroke you play.

This is probably one of the most underrated aspects of playing the drums, because it affects so much that you are able to play. Proper hand technique can completely change the way you play. You'll learn all the variations on matched grip, traditional grip, and finger control technique to ensure your hands don't hold back your drumming potential!

Drum Rudiments DVDDrum Rudiments - DVD 05

The drum rudiments are the building blocks to everything we play on the drums. Think of them as the letters that make up all the words (beats and fills) that we can play on the drums. Literally every pattern that has ever been played on the drums is made up of these core patterns.

This DVD teaches you all forty drum rudiments from these five categories: single strokes, drum rolls, paradiddles, flam-based, and drag-based. After you learn the 40 patterns, Mike demonstrates how to incorporate the six most popular rudiment patterns within your everyday drumming.

Foot Techniques DVDFoot Techniques - DVD 06

Up and coming drummers tend to spend too much time on the hands, and can sometimes ignore the feet. Well, this DVD covers all the various foot techniques to make sure you get the most from all four limbs.

The foot technique topics include: bass drum techniques, bass drum independence, hi-hat foot techniques, hi-hat independence, double bass drumming, and double bass drumming exercises. All the lesson content applies to drummers of both single and double-bass drum sets.

Heavy Rock Lessons DVDHeavy Rock Lessons - DVD 07

Are you interested in playing heavy rock music? This DVD includes beginner to advanced grooves from sub-genres including: punk rock, heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock, grunge rock, and progressive rock.

Every single pattern covered in this instructional DVD is also included in the provided workbooks, and genre-specific play-alongs are provided on the included audio CDs. It's the ideal learning experience for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers alike.

Mixed Rock Lessons DVDMixed Rock Lessons - DVD 08

Interested in some other styles of Rock music? The mixed rock lessons DVD includes sub-genres like: folk rock, classic rock, country, and odd-time. As with the heavy rock DVD, these lessons are all step-by-step for beginner to advanced students.

All of the grooves on this DVD are also included in the workbooks, and have companion play-along songs on the provided audio CDs. You can work through the lessons from start to finish, or jump around and pick individual drum beats that sound great to you.

Groove Rock Lessons DVDGroove Rock Lessons - DVD 09

Want to learn to play the drums with more groove? This DVD covers some of the more groovy styles of rock including: blues, funk, reggae, and shuffle beats. Though these lessons are more ideal for intermediate and advanced drummers, they do start with patterns that are easy enough for beginners to learn and master.

As with all the beat training DVDs, the patterns covered here are also featured in the workbooks and have companion play-along songs on the CDs. Start by learning the beats, and then apply them to real music!

Jazz And Latin Lessons DVDJazz & Latin Lessons - DVD 10

Interested in playing more than just rock music? This training DVD is absolutely jam-packed with lessons on both Jazz and Latin drumming patterns that are sure to take your playing to the next level.

You'll learn to play with more groove, independence, and control as you master these fun and unique beats. As always, the various patterns are included in the workbooks, and related play-along songs can be found on the provided audio CDs.

Drum Fills DVDDrum Fills - DVD 11

Do you want to learn how to play amazing and creative drum fills like some of the drummers you look up to? This DVD will show you everything you need to know in order to play patterns for all styles of music!

Mike starts out by teaching you the basic concepts of creating drum fills, and then shows you specific examples of how he uses fills to transition between beats. The simple step-by-step lessons will boost your learning, and make it easy to incorporate the patterns into your everyday drumming.

Dynamic Drumming DVDDynamic Drumming - DVD 12

When it comes to making simple drum beats sound amazing, it's all about playing with dynamics and groove. This DVD is jam packed with valuable tips to help you improve the way you play virtually all the beats you know.

You'll learn how to take seemingly ordinary beats and turn them into powerful grooves. Mike covers important topics like: dynamics, ghost notes, accented notes, cross-sticking, open-close hi-hats, and how to modify a beat! These lessons will change the "feel" of everything you play.

How To Build Speed DVDHow To Build Speed - DVD 13

Are you interested in achieving maximum speed around the drum set? Do you want to improve the speed, power, and control of both your hands and your feet? This DVD is packed with tips specifically for all the speed drummers out there!

Mike takes a closer look at hand technique, and shares some insider tips on how to build incredible speed with simple exercises that are proven to work. You'll start on the practice pad, and then take those concepts and implement them around the entire drum set while incorporating the feet!

Drum Setup Tuning And Gear Tips DVDDrum Setup, Tuning & Gear Tips - DVD 14

Do you ever have questions about how to set up or tune your drums? This DVD has everything you need to get your kit setup and sounding great!

It covers how to setup 5-piece and 4-piece sets, and tips on expanding your drum set with various add-ons. You'll also get specific tips on how to make your snare drum, bass drum, and toms sounding their best.

Finally, Mike shares some personal gear tips he has discovered over the years. These suggestions are especially useful for beginner students.

Live Gig And Studio Drumming DVDLive Gig & Studio Drumming - DVD 15

Do you ever want to be a working drummer? This DVD is packed with valuable tips for both live and studio playing situations. Mike shares everything he has learned over his 20+ years of drumming!

Topics include: how to get gigs, reading drum charts, working with a band, sound-checking tips, and studio drumming tips. These lessons are a must for drummers that want to make the move from student to professional.

Drum Soloing DVDDrum Soloing - DVD 16

Have you ever wanted to play an amazing drum solo? Maybe you have watched some of your favorite drummers play, and wondered how they were able to be so creative. Well, this DVD will show you all the different aspects of creating and playing a unique drum solo.

The main DVD sections include: how to build a drum solo, soloing with shots, soloing with breaks, soloing over a vamp, and will wrap with Mike showcasing some of his drum solos for inspiration.

Drum Play-Along 1 DVDDrum Play-Along 1 - DVD 17

Half the fun of learning the drums is being able to play with a band, so the Drumming System includes a huge selection of play-alongs. There are songs that work well for every style of music covered in the lesson DVDs.

This DVD includes songs that were performed with a live band in the studio, and some tracks that feature Mike playing along with a chapman stick. You can start by watching the video, and then use the companion workbooks and CDs to play-along with the drum-lesson audio tracks.

Drum Play-Along 2 DVDDrum Play-Along 2 - DVD 18

Continuing on where the last DVD left off, this disc includes even more songs for you to play-along with. You'll find more full-band tracks, and some that are pre-recorded in a studio.

These play-along DVDs features Mike performing every play-along song in both performance (full band) and educational (split screen on drums) view. You can then turn to the workbooks to follow along with the provided sheet music, and then pop in the provided audio CDs to play along yourself.

Drum Play-Along 3 DVDWriting With A Band - DVD 19

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a song? In this DVD, you'll be able to watch the entire writing process from start to finish, as the band creates and then performs six new tracks.

This is a great way to learn how real music is composed, plus get a more intimate understanding of the play-along songs you'll be jamming along to! That's right - all six of these songs are included in the Drumming System as play-alongs. You have everything you need to watch, learn, and master each song to boost your drumming to the next level!

Bonus Lessons DVDHand Drumming & Percussion - DVD 20

This final DVD includes some of the most fun lessons in the entire system. You'll get step-by-step lessons on all sorts of hand drumming and percussion including congas, djembe, cajon, shakers, tambourines, and much more.

Learning hand drum and percussion instruments can give you more options for creating music in the studio or performing live on stage - and Mike will provide you with useful patterns, techniques, and tips to help you get started with these unique instruments!

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CDs 1-7Audio Exercises - CDs 01-07

These audio CDs include all of the exercises from the DVDs so you can practice away from the video lessons. Each exercises has been looped for 2 minutes so you can play-along as much as you want. Repetition is a great way to make sure you get the most out of each exercise, so you can reach your drumming goals!

You can use these audio exercises directly with any CD player, or rip them to your portable music player for personal use.

CDs with MetronomePlay Along Songs - CDs 08-20

These audio CDs include over 100 unique play-along songs with the drum tracks removed. For every song, you'll get two different versions - one with the metronome and another with the metronome removed.

When you're playing with the metronome, you'll get a better feel for the speed at which you should play - and get the assistance you need until you have the timing just right. And then you can also play without the metronome, so you know what it feels like to play each song along to real music!

Metronome TracksMetronome Disc - CD 21

This special bonus CD includes simple metronome tracks that you can use as an alternative to buying a metronome. The various tempos include: 50 BPM all the way up to 200 BPM in exactly 5 BPM increments.

This special bonus CD includes simple metronome tracks that you can use as an alternative to buying a metronome. The various tempos include: 50 BPM all the way up to 200 BPM in exactly 5 BPM increments.

Workbook 1Workbook 1

This spiral-bound workbook features sheet music for lessons on the first few training DVDs. Topics include: example beats and fills, the basic quarter note, eighth note sub-divisions, 16th note sub-divisions, 32nd note sub-divisions, eighth note triplets, 16th note triplets, quarter note triplets, dotted notation, counting rests, time signatures, drum set notation key, sight reading exercises, basic dynamic markings, finger control technique, the 40 drum rudiments, doubles, single paradiddle, flams, drags, bass drum independence, hi-hat independence, and double bass drumming.

All of the lessons include references that point to related lessons on the provided DVDs, so you know exactly where to find detailed explanations of every topic covered.

Workbook 2Workbook 2

This workbook starts where the previous one left off. It features sheet music for some the various musical styles, including: punk rock, heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock, grunge rock, progressive rock, folk rock, classic rock, country, 3/4 beats and fills, 5/4 beats and fills, 6/4 beats and fills, 7/4 beats and fills, 5/8 beats and fills, 6/8 beats and fills, 7/8 beats and fills, 9/8 beats and fills, blues, funk, reggae, half time shuffle, jump shuffle, texas shuffle, Purdie shuffle, kansas city shuffle, jazz drumming, and Latin drumming.

Virtually all of these styles include beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons to make learning easy through progressive steps. You'll never run into beats that are far more complicated than those leading up to it, so you can always skip back if you have trouble.

How To Play DrumsWorkbook 3

This workbook continues with lessons from the training DVDs. The topics include: drum fills, jazz drum fills, hand-to-feet combinations, dynamic drumming, ghost notes, accented notes, cross-sticking, open-close hi-hat, and speed building exercises.

Most of the pages are dedicated to the many variations in the drum fill sections. You'll find many examples of beginner-to-advanced fills that are then demonstrated on the included DVDs.

As with all of the workbook content, it is best to start by watching the video lesson. Then, use the workbook to take the patterns to your drum set. This way you can see and hear the pattern before attempting to play it on your own.

Workbook 4Workbook 4

This workbook includes all of the sheet music for the provided play-along songs. Every lesson includes references to both the related training DVD and the specific audio-track details. This way, you will immediately know where to find all relevant material for the song.

Better still, it includes the BPM (beats per minute) speed that the song is played at. This way, you can start by practicing the various beats and fills with a metronome before attempting the song.

When it comes time to play the song along to the CD, you have the option to play the song with or without a metronome click included. This way you can start with the metronome sound over the song, and then eventually jam directly with the drum-less track.

Workbook 5Workbook 5

This workbook includes an enhanced version of Mike Michalkow's famous Practice Routine Generator. The biggest addition is a list of direct DVD references for various sub-categories within the routine generator. This way, you can immediately find relevant lessons!

Also included is additional practice routine paper and blank notation paper (for you to write your own custom beats, fills, and patterns).

Best of all, you can find back-up copies of all five workbooks in PDF format on DVD 01, just in case you ever lose the hard-copies. This also helps in case you need to print off additional practice routine paper, or blank notation paper!

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Official Start-Up GuideBONUS #1: Start-Up & Resources Guide

This start-up guide is being included to quickly overview the entire Drumming System, so you will know exactly where to start. It has information for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers that may be curious as to where they should start based on their current ability level.

This also includes a recommended gear guide, listening guide, and a free drumming resources. This is shipped in printed format along with your copy of the Drumming System.

member-support-areaBONUS #2: Member Support Area

Need extra help? No problem! Join the 3000+ members already using the Drumming System in their drumming in the members support forum.

Upon completing your order you will be sent a link to a hidden page where you can gain instant access to this private forum and join the army of drummers already using this amazing training system to reach their drumming goals.

drumming-coaching-unlimitedBONUS #3: Drumming Coaching

If you ever have any questions, or just need some added direction the Drumming System team will be happy to help. This in an unlimited service to all owners of Mike Michalkow's Drumming System.

Once your order has been completed we will send you a link to a special page where you can submit your questions. Alternatively, you can call us and ask questions over the phone.

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