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Get detailed advice that is based on
20+ years of teaching experience.
Step-By-Step Lessons
Learn at your own pace from home
with easy-to-follow video lessons.
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Even the most committed students can hit a wall.

"If you are like most drummers, you've probably hit a wall in your progress at one time or another. Some drummers end up feeling uninspired for weeks, months, or even years - while others have their attention split in so many different directions that they never make significant progress in any one area."

What makes the Drumming System so effective.

Frustrating Uncertainty
It's frustrating to have to learn everything
completely from scratch or having to deal
with contradictory advice from a variety
of unqualified and inconsistent sources.
Hitting A Brick Wall
It can be demotivating to feel stuck, like
you haven't made significant progress in
months or even years. You want to get
better, but just don't know what to do.
Feeling Overwhelmed
The sheer volume of information that is
available online can lead many students
to suffer from paralysis by analysis. They
are overwhelmed by so many options.
Frustrated By Sheet Music
It can be difficult to learn new beats and
fills without the ability to read sheet music
or when you find it frustrating to deal with
complicated theory and notation.
Benefit From Experience
Boost your progress by getting detailed
advice from an experienced professional.
Mike Michalkow has spent over 20 years
teaching students at all skill levels.
Progressive Drum Lessons
It doesn't matter if you are a complete
beginner or an experienced drummer.
These step-by-step lessons create
real results from the very first day.
A Game Plan For Success
The included Practice Routine Generator
makes it easy to establish a custom plan
that is flexible enough to fit any schedule,
giving you a clear sense of direction.
Smart Beat Technology
All Drumming System lessons feature
exclusive Smart Beat Technology making
it fun and easy to follow-along, while also
learning to read notation in a natural way.

Some of the popular lesson topics that are covered.

Hand Technique
How to hold the drumsticks for
maximum speed, power, control,
endurance, and comfort.
Bass Drum Technique
Learn the techniques required to
get the most out of your single
or double bass drum setup.
Drum Beats & Fills
Learn beginner-to-advanced beats
and fills that you can play for all of
the most popular styles of music.
Speed & Endurance
Learn the most effective strategies
for developing incredible speed and
endurance around the drums.
Drum Rudiments
Master the essential rudiments that
you need to unlock your creativity
and control around the drum set.
Practice Routines
Find out how to put together a
custom practice routine based
on your unique drumming goals.
Drum Tuning & Setup
How to tune your drums so they
sound their best, and get Mike's
tips on how to set everything up.
Odd Time Signatures
Learn how to understand & play
beats and fills within odd-time to
unlock new musical options.
Drum Play-Alongs
Have fun applying what you learn
with the 100+ play-along loops &
songs included with this pack.
John Pine - Michigan
"...Mike keeps it real, you never feel like you are being talked down to. Most importantly, the teaching style makes it easy to learn..."

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The Drumming System is backed by our extended 90-day money-back guarantee.
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